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Sun 30 Apr
  • Sunday, 30 April 2023
  • 10:00am - 1:30pm


On the 30th of April we have Baptisms. This is part of the outworking of our belief, an outward sign of an inward decision. It is an important step on our walk with Jesus, one that is to be celebrated!

In preparation for this step you need to attend the Baptism class that will be taking place on the 23rd of April, a week before the day. This will give you more of an understanding about what Baptism is and will also provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. We hope to see you there! 

If you have any questions regarding this event please don't hesitate to contact us at

Simply click accept and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly. Don't forget to invite friends and family too, this is a celebration!
Info This event has now passed.